Liquid bottling equipment “UNIFLUX-CASCADE 20”, crates filling machine

Filling system for filling 20 cups or bottles in a crate (for milk, juice drinks,wine and spirits or other beverages) with a capacity of  1200 Ltr/hour

Product Description

Filling system for filling 20 cups or bottles in a crate with milk, juice drinks,wine and spirits or other beverages.

With 20 pneumatically operated filling valve, the filling quantity is adjustable from 0.2 up to 1 Liter. The bottles are filled without crate movement. All bottles are inductive flow measured "one by one". The crate waits on position until all bottles are filled and decends to the original height to forward on the roller-table (manually).

Capacity: up to 1200 BPH

This bottling equipment is working only with homogenous products, without any fruit pieces!

Bottle capping takes place manually.


  • FLEXIMP rubber product pump with gentle product handling
  • Stainless steel control box bulit for continuous crate management
  • PLC control with alphanumeric display and keypad
  • Start-stop push buttons and 3 pre-programmable quick button  for volume selection
  • Infinitely variable speed control for the product pump
  • Inductive measurements for the detection of the product filling speed
  • Electromagnetic valves for filling liquid products
  • 2 meter stainless steel roller conveyor

All bottles are individually measured with a maximum deviation of 2% (max. 20 ML at 1L capacity). In measuring tube are no unnecessary complications for cleaning, since it is only a straight-through pipe inside.


  • Bottle filling machine for 4x5 crates
  • Bottle filling machine for 4x5 crates with pneumatic valves
  • Bottle filling machine for 5x6 crates
  • Bottle filling machine for 5x6 crates with pneumatic valves