Fully automatic cup filler, rotary filling and sealing machine “SENIOR-1200”

Cup filling and closing machine
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Full automatic cup filling and closing machine with pump dosing, for filling liquid and viscous products in containers.

Product Description

Full automatic cup filling and closing machine with pump dosing, for filling liquid and viscous products in pre-formed containers.

Operation of the cup filler is fully automated, for a capacity of 1000-1200 cups/hour with liquid products in 75 or 95 mm diameter cups, and dosing range of 250 ml to 500 ml.

All stations installed around the rotary table:

  • Cup and lid storage
  • Cup dispenser for dispensing of cups into the cup slats (pockets)
  • Filling station (Fleximp filling pump with  valves for liquids)
  • Covering station (pre-cut aluminum, or polypropylene foil lid placement on the cup)
  • Heat sealing station
  • Dating device
  • Removing station for ejection of cups with a self rotating collecting table

The "Senior-1200" rotary cup filling machine  is built from stainless steel material, with a 8 part self indexing Geneva drive (Maltese cross)

The working stations are either controlled mechanical and electrical sensors, or on request with PLC controller.  The infinitely variable transmission is adjusted with a potentiometer on the front of the control box.

The product pump is able to suck product directly from the tank, or from a small receiver tankcompleted with level control.


  • protective covering
  • additional dosing, for two filling operatons in the same cup (e.g. yogurt with fruits, yoghurt with jam or pudding topped with whipped cream etc.)
  • conversion kit for an additional cup shape (e.g. the standard 75 mm with 250 gr to 500 gr 95mm) incl. cup slats (pockets), lid and cup storage and sealing unit
  • Snap-on lid station (Additional workstation for the hard cover)
  • collecting turntable with 900 mm diameter stainless steel (instead of 600 mm diameter )
  • discharge conveyor
  • curd dosing by eccentric screw pump with flow trough, control and pneumatic metering

The "Senior-1200" cup filling equipment is flexible regarding format change. Cup size 75 mm or 95 mm diameter (including cup slats, lid and cup storage and sealing unit) can be replaced in a few minutes.