Semi automatic rotary cup filling and closing machine “JUNIOR ROTARY”

Semi automatic rotary filling and sealing machine with automated filling station and indexing drive.

Product Description

Semi automatic rotary filling and sealing machine with automated filling station and indexing drive.

With "Junior Rotary" cup filling machines we are launching a simplified rotary machine which carries over features from automatic cup fillers  to keep standards.  The cup filler is characterized by compact design and a reduced cup capacity, which is - depending on the cup size and volume - about 500-800 cups/hour.


  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Maximum capacity: 800 cups/hour
  • Cup diameter: 75 or 95 mm
  • Cup volume: 150 – 500 ml (other sizes optional)
  • Including stations:
    -Manual cup receiver
    - Automated pump filling station
    - Automated cover sealing station
    - Automated dating device
    - Manual unloading of filled cups
    - Table turning on pedal pressing

"JUNIOR ROTARY"  semi automatic cup filler is designed for filling liquid products either in format 75 mm or in 95 mm, and in  50 – 500 ml volume cups.

The cup filling machine is delivered with a rotating table, lid magazine and lid-applying station, sealing station and dating device, and automated pump filling station. Automated filling is realized with a Fleximp product pump which is able also for filling max. 5 mm fruit particles. (For example yoghurt that contain max 5 mm. fruit particulates, pulp or fibres.)

All stations are working automated, only the cup insert and cup removing is manually. A lifting device is mounted to lift the cups with about 20 mm to remove it easier.

The rotary machine is made from stainless steel with an electrical operated indexing drive. The infinitely variable transmission is adjusted with a potentiometer on the front of the control box.

The cup filler can be supplemented with an Uniflux two valve bottle filler to minimalize the customer investment, so two machines in one unit solves filling problems on the site


  • Extra filling head for fruit involved products
  • UNIFLUX bottle and bucket filling extension with inductive flow measuring (electromagnetic flow meter) with 2 pneumatically operated filling valve