Tubular juice pasteurizer

Tube in tube pasteurizer for juices that contain pulp, fibres and small

Product Description

Tube in tube pasteurizer is ideal for pasteurisation of of products with low and medium
viscosity, and products that contain fibres and small particulates, like fruit juices containing pulp and fibres, fruit concentrates, beer mash, tomato juice and nectar, protein solutions, yeast and soft drinks.

Tube in tube pasteurizer is constructed for pasteurization for liquids with larger particals (max 5-6 mm) in the fruit juice.

In the tubular heat exchanger double tubes are nested, wherein the medium to be heated flows in the inner tube against the counterflow principle.

We offer tubular pasteurizers with a capacity ranging from of 200 up to 2000 ltr/hour


  • Control devices with all necessary switches and regulators ready to connect to the power supply and ready to work
  • Electric-boiler with hot water circulation pump
  • Product pump from receiver tank through tubular heat exchanger section of the pasteurizer to the storage tank of the customer.
  • Hot discharge without heat recovery
  • Pneumatic operated switch-over valve made from stainless steel (switching immediatly over to return if required temperature was not reached)
  • Alarm system with optical and acustical signals for temperature and product flow limits.
  • Data screen line recorder for pasteurization (outlet) temperature, and mode registration like pasteurization or cleaning, with PC-compatible memory card.
  • The pasteurizer is made to pasteurize fruit juice and meets the European requirements and standards.
  • All the parts are montled ready to a stainless steel frame, with stainless steel heat exchanger. All tubes, valves, pump, tube holders, couplings are stainless steel

The basic tubular pasteurizer is heated by electricity. Alternatively, use of gas boilers, co-boiler, solar, steam or hot water heating is also possible.

Technical details:

Weight, depending on specification, approx: 150 kg.
Dimensions: W x D x H, approx.: 800 x 600 x 1700 mm
Supply voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 24 kW for heating
Product input/output: DN15
Compressed air: 8 bar 25L/Min