Farm pasteurizer for waste milk

Calf milk pasteurizer for pasteurization of waste milk and colostrum

Product Description

Many research studies say that feeding calves with pasteurized milk has a positive influence on their growth and reduces the death rate and the use of antibiotics. With pasteurization we reduce the number of bacteria in the milk without reducing its nutritional value.

Benefits of feeding pasteurized milk to calves:

  • Reduced bacterial transmission in pasteurized vs. raw milk
  • Improved rate of weight gain for calves
  • Improved health for calves.
  • Disposal of a waste product: unsellable milk can be used for feeding the calfs
  • Colostrum can be also pasteurized

The farm pasteurizer for waste milk contains parts as below:

  • Control devices with all necessary switches and regulators, ready to connect to electric power network
  • Electric-boiler with hot water circulation pump
  • Product pump: centrifugal
  • Receiver tank with level control
  • Heat exchanger module according to the capacity, involving 3 sections like heat recuperator, heater and temperature holding section
  • Energy recovery efficiency cca.90%
  • Temperature holding section made of stainless steel tubes, for about 20 sec.
  • Optional digital chart recorder for 2 channels for pasteurization and outlet temperature, data storage on CF card.

The thermical calculations are based on about 25 ºC input and about 40 ºC output temperature to give it directly to calves. All the parts are mounted onto a stainless steel frame, with stainless steel heat exchanger plates and main plates. All tubes, valves, pumps, tube holders, couplings are made of stainless steel.

High-efficiency energy-recovery provides economic operation.

We offer calf milk pasteurizers with a capacity ranging from of 200 up to 400 ltr/hour.

Technical specifications:

Weight: ca. 150 kg
Dimensions: Width: max. 1200 mm, Depth: 800 mm, Height: 1600 mm
Electrical datas: 380 V, 50 Hz , max. 4 kw
Product input/output size: DN15
Ice-water connection (Optional, if cooling required) DN15
Can be cooled by fresh drinking water 3 bar