“Startup” milk pasteurizers (Micro Pasteurizer) PAW-200

Micro pasteurizers with a capacity of 200 ltr/hour for drinking milk, cream, yogurt as well as other food products as soft drinks and juices.

Product Description

SMALL. GOOD VALUE. CERTIFIED. Opening new perspectives for retailing milk from farm. Space-saving, with 0.7 x 0.7 m floor space, with 200 L / h capacity, on request with night automatic, CIP control ,wireless data transmission or remote control. 

Micro pasteurizers with a capacity of 200 ltr/hour for drinking milk, cream, yogurt as well as other food products as soft drinks and juices.

Flash pasteurisation is the most effective process to destroy pathogenic microorganisms by heating the milk to a moderately high temperature for a brief period to ensure the quality and safety of raw milk.

HTST milk pasteurization with a heat recuperation (heat regeneration) of 90% (energy is re-used) makes this equipment an environmental friendly system, which means that warm milk is used to heat up cold milk before it enters the pasteurizing part.

Our flow pasteurizers has been tested and approved by the Federal Dairy Research in Wolfpassing, product range is built according to European hygiene norms.

The heat exchanger plates and frame are made of stainless steel. The milk and the heating circuit are equipped with stainless steel pumps. The milk is gently heated indirectly by the heating system using hot water. The pasteurisation unit includes all the necessary equipment for automatic pasteurisation of milk, as well as an automatic control system and an integrated temperature recorder. The package constitutes a tested filter system and a circulation cleaning system.

An integrated after cooling with ice water is optionally available. With a suitable ice maker, the milk can be cooled down to 4 °C.


  • Control devices with all necessary switches and regulators
  • Electric boiler with hot water circulation pump
  • Two product pumps: one delivers the product from (included) receiver tank through the heat recovery section, while the second pump is used as security overpressure pump through the pasteurizer, causing a high security pressure difference between outgoing (=pasteurized) and incoming (=raw) product.
  • Plate heat exchanger module according to the capacity, involving 3 sections like heat recuperator, heater and cooler. Energy recovery is approx. 90%.
  • Tube section for 15-30 sec pasteurization temperature holding time, at min. 72 ºC.
  • Alarm system with optical and acoustical signals for temperature and pressure differences
  • Security switch-over valve, one-seat version, for alarm cases, leading the product without pasteurization back to the receiver tank.
  • Chart recorder, multi-channel, with memory card for data storage.
  • Stored data can be downloaded to PC for further processing, printing and archiving.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: ca. 210 kg
  • Dimensions: Width: max. 700 mm, Depth: 700 mm, Height: 1650 mm
  • Electric supply: 1 x 9 kW. 400 V 50 Hz
  • Product input/output: DN15.
  • Ice-water connection (if required): DN15,

Possible optons: Night operation, CIP-control, wireless data transmission, remote controller

The control cabinet contains the control system complete with a tested line recorder.

The basic unit contains all pumps, heat exchanger, Lekage change-over valve, stainless steel frame, complete piping, heat holder and flow tank, as well as the german certificate of the PAW-200 complete unit.