Cup fillers, rotary machines

Cup fillers, rotary machines


Our semi-automatic and automatic rotary filler machines provides a maximum of flexibility with outstanding value for money. We produce filling and sealing machines for packaging various products. The product line ranges from liquids to pasty, from solid to lumpy products for the filling and closing of pre-formed cups and containers.

Our cup filler machines meets small and medium production needs, we build cup filling equipment in round table design (rotary) with a range of 400 to 4,000 cups/hour capacity.

Both “JUNIOR” and “SENIOR” cup filler and cup sealing machines are flexible regarding format change. Thanks for the quick-change system, cup size 75 mm or 95 mm diameter (including cup slats, covering station, sealing station) can be replaced in a few minutes.

Our modern rotary filling and sealing machines allow you:
Filling liquids in cups (milk, natural yogurt, fruit yogurt, iced coffee, cocoa milk, cream, fruit juices, jam, dressings, etc.)
Filling flowing pasty products in cups (e.g. curds, cottage cheese, deli-salads, ketchup, mayonnaise etc.)
Filling lumpy products in cups (e.g. yoghurt with fruit pieces)

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