UNIFLUX TIROL filling machine (universal filler, dosing unit)

Semi-automatic filling machine  for individual filling of liquids with inductive flow measuring

Product Description

Semi-automatic filling machine with inductive flow measuring  for individual filling of liquid foods  into cups, jars, bottles, and large containers such as buckets, cans, big-bag sacks, etc. Accuracy: 2%

The filling unit has a built-in FLEXIMP rubber product pump with gentle product handling, therefore fruit containing products (solid particles up to 5 mm dimension) are no problem.

The capacity is about 500-800 Liter drinking milk per hour, or max. 1400 L/h with not foaming products.


  • Stainless steel control box on mobile frame, on request  with 2 wheels
  • PLC control with two-line alphanumeric display and keypad
  • Start-stop push buttons and 3 pre-programmable quick button  for volume selection
  • Infinitely variable speed control for the product pump
  • An inductive through flow sensor with large inner diameter measures the volume without any difficulties during cleaning (without any moving parts, only a tube)
  • Adjustable stainless steel bracket for bottles or large containers

UNIFLUX TIROL filling machines are honored due to the easy work with yogurt, the dosing unit saves time. Yogurt mixing in vat (batch)  is substitued by the FLEXIMP product pump, and the product comes softer also with higher filling velocity. (10 Liter in 40 Sec).

When connecting to a cup filler (cup filling and closing machine) the UNIFLUX-TIROL bottler serves as a dosing unit, or as a second filling station.

The requirement of electromagnetic measurement is a minimum conductivity of the product and a bubble-free flow within the measuring range. All liquid milk products including fruit yogurt,cream cheese and liquid egg meets with this requirement. In practice the UNIFLUX filling unit is working with all water containing foods except the oils.

Working modes:

  • Filling in cups or jars with 1 filling valve
  • Filling in alternate mode the bottles, buckets and big-bags with 2 valves
  • Filling buckets simultaniusly with 2 valves
  • Filling vats or barrels, connecting directly to the tube connection

Specifications - UNIFLUX filling machine (Universal filler, dosing unit)

  • Power requirements: 0.75 kw, 230V 50Hz
  • Compressed air: 50L / min, 6 bar.
  • Dimensions: Length: 600 mm, Width: 400 mm, Height: 1000 mm
  • Weight: 50 kg