Table top cup sealing machine 

Manual table top cup sealer machine for pre-cut aluminum lids.  “START KIT” to introduce your new products to the market.

Product Description

Manual table top cup sealer machine is ideal for packaging your new products in plastic cups sealed with aluminum foil lids to find new markets.

The table top, portable cup sealing machine needs 220V AC current and 6 bar pressed air. The cups are manually positioned and filled. The cap is also manually positioned using a vacuum head.

The covered cups are pushed under the sealing station and are automatically sealed. The quality of the sealed product is the same as would pruduced on an automatic rotary filler.

Features of the pneumatic cup sealer:

  • Easy operation by one person
  • Fast  sealing system with high quality result
  • Easy maintenance of cup sealer
  • 75 or 90 mm  socket and platforms are available
  • All product contact parts of the manual cup sealing machine are manufactured using stainless steel, according to European hygiene norms



Frame structure: stainless steel WNR 4301

Control cabinet with controls

Rail for  cup slats (pockets) guidance

Cup slats (pockets) ,more sizes if required

Heated welding head with pneumatic cylinder

Air Preparation Unit (Filter Pressure Regulator)

Power supply:  

Electrical: 230 V, 50 Hz, 600 W

Compressed air: min 6 bar




Length: 550 mm

Width: 450 mm

Height: 600 mm

Weight: about 30 kg

Within one year the user needs an automatic cup filler, we take the sealer back and deduct the whole price in the new machine.